Save on high water bills with artificial turf

There are a lot of things that come with owning a yard. The pros of owning a nice big yard is being able to do almost anything you want. You can put in a pool, you can play outside games with friends and family while having a cookout, and you can look at it and enjoy the beauty. But there are some downfalls to owning a big yard too. There’s all of the maintenance, there’s the weed killer, the mowing, the trimming, and the bug sprays. Not to mention when the water piles up in your yard and soaks it all and makes puddles, ruining every bit of hard work that you just put into it. Or if it doesn’t rain, you are responsible for making sure that your yard is watered so that it doesn’t get dry and it will stay healthy.

But do you know what that is doing to your water bill? Think back to a time where you didn’t spray your yard down with water to make sure that it stays alive and green. Your water bills are going up, maybe not by a lot, but the price that you are paying is going up and you have your yard to thank for that.

Luckily, there is a way around that. You need to install synthetic grass. With synthetic grass you can have the beautiful green lawn that you have always wanted but you don’t want to waste your water to keep it that way.

Synthetic turf is like a carpet of grass that is thrown over the grass that you currently have. It doesn’t grow, it doesn’t die, and it doesn’t require any physical work from you. It will use a lot less water than you are currently using and you won’t have to worry about paying those high bills anymore.

There is a small amount of water that this artificial turf does use, but that is only there to keep the blades of grass soft and it uses very small amounts of it. So if you are tired of the high bills and wasting all of your hard earned money on grass, you should get artificial turf from an Artificial Turf Distributor.

When your lawn is not green

When a homeowner is looking to have a green lawn and their lawn is anything but green they may be looking for a quick fix. Grass comes in many different shades of green. Artificial turf can be used to help a person get a green lawn.

 Vibrant Lawns

 In some states where droughts are common, it can be difficult to keep the lawn green. The easier way to get a green lawn is to paint it. There are some all-natural paints that can be used that are non-toxic and biodegradable. This grass is used to help cover brown areas and will last long. It is also durable.

 With the correct amount of coverage, a lawn can have a green look for many weeks with an only a small area to touch-up. Many homeowners are using this as a way to keep their lawns green. There are some homeowner associations that will require that a person have a nice looking green lawn. Droughts can prevent this from happening since water is being conserved. Since homeowners associations do not care for artificial turf on the lawn homeowners are turning to paint to get the green color. 

 Lawn paint can be professionally applied or a person can try to do it on their own. It does not take time or skills to paint the year. Once the paint begins to fade a touch up coat of paint can be applied to keep the lawn looking fresh and green.

 ATS Artificial Turf

 Artificial turf can give the appearance of a perfectly manicured lawn. People are choosing to have this turf installed due to the water regulations and the work it takes to maintain their lawn. As droughts become more common and the regulations for water are becoming strict this is a great way to have a green lawn no matter what the weather is like. 

 Homeowners associations are beginning to realize artificial turf can be useful and they are beginning to allow it to be used. The turf will need to meet some quality standards and it needs to be durable and professional looking.

 The artificial turf will not become discolored due to the weather. It will allow the lawn to have a uniformed look during any season. Artificial turf will not harm the environment. There is little to no maintenance. A person will not have to worry about

  •  Mowing the lawn
  •  Trimming the edges
  •  Watering the grass
  •  Applying fertilizer
  •  Worry about weeds
  •  Seeding and re-seeding the lawn

 Artificial turf can last for many years and a person will save money on the maintenance cost. This lawn comes in different shades of green, different textures, and different lengths. This will allow a person to select the type that best fits their home. The turf can stand up to both hot and cold weather conditions. 

 When looking at the green grass of the neighbors it may not be grass at all. They may have a lawn made from artificial turf. The lawn will stay green while others will struggle to care for their lawn.

Get artificial turf for your business

Get artificial turf for your business – Important Information to Know About Your Business:

As a business owner, you probably already know that bringing your business requires a lot of your time and attention on a daily basis. You are having to constantly make sure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently, and that you’re a business has everything you need in order to become successful overtime. With this being said, you may not have enough time to make sure that the outside of your business is looking nice and clean. A great way for you to go about this problem is for you to install artificial grass outside of your business.

Installing artificial grass outside of your business is the perfect weight for your business to look nice, meat and also clean and fresh. This is definitely something important that you should invest in because the way that your business looks from the outside can be a great way for you to attract new clients on a regular basis. 

Installing artificial grass on the outside of your business is the perfect wait for you to always have a nice looking one. Artificial grass does not require the maintenance had a real grass does. With artificial grass, you will have the opportunity to not have to stress out about making sure that the grass is looking nice and green throughout the entire year. All you’ll have to do is make sure that you are cleaning it about once a month to ensure that there is no dust piling up. Having artificial grass will be able to give you the opportunity to have a beautiful business, and it will be able to give you the opportunity to have peace of mind knowing that you do not have to invest a lot of time, money or effort into making it look that way.

Save Water With Artificial Turf

Everyone wants to save the planet but more, so they also want to cut down on their water bill. If your water bill is ridiculously high recently it might have a lot to do with the water that is putting, put onto your yard. If you have a sprinkler system set up to spray your yard every morning and you are in a drought, this could raise your water bill. But you can’t not water your yard because your grass will surely die in this extreme heat. So instead what you can do is replace your natural grass with artificial turf.

With artificial turf you rarely need to water your lawn, you only need to do it when it’s extremely dry and even then, you only have to do it if it’s losing the soft texture that artificial turf is known to have. So, you can cut your water bill down, save the planet by not using as much water as you usually would use and a bonus: You can also cut down yard work.

That’s right, your water usage can go down and the amount of work that you put into your yard can also go down. You usually spend a few hours a week in your yard to mow it and trim all of the weeds down, when you would probably want to golf. But with artificial turf you can say goodbye to all your mowing equipment as this grass does not grow. So with all of this in mind, what are you waiting for? Go reduce your bill, cut down the work that you have to do on your yard, and get a fresh and aesthetically pleasing yard with synthetic turf. It is a decision you will not regret making and your wallet won’t regret it either. Natural grass is a thing of the past, get ahead of everyone else and switch to synthetic grass today!

The grass is greener on your synthetic lawn

If you are tired of having an average and dull yard then it is time to make a change and Artificial Grass Liquidators can help you accomplish this change in a few simple steps. The first step is to buy synthetic turf. The next step is to install it. That’s it. That’s all that you have to do to get the fluffy, green, and aesthetically pleasing lawn that you have always dreamed of.

With synthetic turf you not only get a lawn that looks great, but it comes with so many more added perks that you do not even know about yet. 

One of the biggest perks is that you no longer have to go out on hot summer days to maintain your lawn. AGL Artificial Turf is not natural grass so it doesn’t grow and that means that you don’t have to mow it. You also don’t have to spray it down with any more of those dangerous chemicals because weeds don’t grow either. There will also be less bugs, rodents, and wild animals running in and around your lawn because there is not anything they can eat and there is nothing they can dig up to make a home.

Another perk is that it is completely flat. When installing the synthetic the ground is made level so that the turf will be flat. Bumps and hills are no more when you install this turf to your lawn. If you have kids who play sports or if you want to put in a putting green, this turf is the perfect place to do that. No more falling or tripping over a bump that you didn’t see.

As an added bonus, this turf also dries very quickly. So if you have outdoor plans that are often ruined by the rain? You don’t have to worry about that being a problem anymore when you install synthetic turf.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Artificial Grass Liquidators and find out how you can get this turf