When a homeowner is looking to have a green lawn and their lawn is anything but green they may be looking for a quick fix. Grass comes in many different shades of green. Artificial turf can be used to help a person get a green lawn.

 Vibrant Lawns

 In some states where droughts are common, it can be difficult to keep the lawn green. The easier way to get a green lawn is to paint it. There are some all-natural paints that can be used that are non-toxic and biodegradable. This grass is used to help cover brown areas and will last long. It is also durable.

 With the correct amount of coverage, a lawn can have a green look for many weeks with an only a small area to touch-up. Many homeowners are using this as a way to keep their lawns green. There are some homeowner associations that will require that a person have a nice looking green lawn. Droughts can prevent this from happening since water is being conserved. Since homeowners associations do not care for artificial turf on the lawn homeowners are turning to paint to get the green color. 

 Lawn paint can be professionally applied or a person can try to do it on their own. It does not take time or skills to paint the year. Once the paint begins to fade a touch up coat of paint can be applied to keep the lawn looking fresh and green.

 ATS Artificial Turf

 Artificial turf can give the appearance of a perfectly manicured lawn. People are choosing to have this turf installed due to the water regulations and the work it takes to maintain their lawn. As droughts become more common and the regulations for water are becoming strict this is a great way to have a green lawn no matter what the weather is like. 

 Homeowners associations are beginning to realize artificial turf can be useful and they are beginning to allow it to be used. The turf will need to meet some quality standards and it needs to be durable and professional looking.

 The artificial turf will not become discolored due to the weather. It will allow the lawn to have a uniformed look during any season. Artificial turf will not harm the environment. There is little to no maintenance. A person will not have to worry about

  •  Mowing the lawn
  •  Trimming the edges
  •  Watering the grass
  •  Applying fertilizer
  •  Worry about weeds
  •  Seeding and re-seeding the lawn

 Artificial turf can last for many years and a person will save money on the maintenance cost. This lawn comes in different shades of green, different textures, and different lengths. This will allow a person to select the type that best fits their home. The turf can stand up to both hot and cold weather conditions. 

 When looking at the green grass of the neighbors it may not be grass at all. They may have a lawn made from artificial turf. The lawn will stay green while others will struggle to care for their lawn.

When your lawn is not green